Ashton Central Amateur Swimming Club swims at Selwyn Jones Leisure Centre and Ashton Leisure Centre. When and where you swim will depend on a number of factors.

You will be invited to a trial and the assessing teacher will then advise you in which group the swimmer would be most suitable for. A two week trial period will be offered to you to enable the swimmer to decide if they wish to request membership of the club.

Photograph Policy

ASA British Swimming Category 1 and 3 Registration Form

Junior Swimmer

Our long-term aims are to develop children’s water confidence and skills, and to teach children to swim correctly the four basic competitive strokes.

In our Junior Swimmers group we hope to encourage children to enjoy being in the pool and to develop the very beginnings of their water skills. To enable us to do this we need children who are of school age and able to listen to and carry out simple instructions.

The initial two week trial period is for you to see if you like our club without an initial financial commitment and for our Junior Swimmers teachers to see if the children are at a suitable stage in their development to benefit from swimming tuition in a small group situation. If we think any child is not ready for this we will inform the parent/carer and give advice on the most appropriate steps to take to prepare the child for swimming tuition.

If you require any further information about the swimming club you may contact

Age of members

Minimum age 4 and must be familiar with group situations e.g. attending nursery or school.

No restriction on maximum age

Minimum age for club gala 5 (a mini gala is held for those swimmers in Junior Swimmers ).

Minimum age to enter team galas is in 9th year. The team is selected by the team manager.