Code of Conduct

1              Attendance & Punctuality   

1.1          Swimmers are expected to be ready on the poolside at least five minutes before the session starts (unless restrictions are enforced by the pool manager) Swimmers arriving after the start of the warmup will not be allowed into the session.

1.2          Parents or swimmers should notify their group coach of any intended absences or should notify the group coach on their return of the reason for absence. Holidays, sickness, competitions and educational commitments will be recorded in the register.       Long-Term absence (over 4 weeks) without notification could result in the place in the group being given to another swimmer.

1.3          A Parent/guardian or nominated representative must be at each session for all swimmers below A group.                Unless a responsible adult is present the swimmer will be refused access to the training session.

2              Behaviour and Conduct

2.1          Swimmers must respect the property and the facilities the club uses for training or competitions              Swimmers found to be damaging facilities will be suspended from the club for one week initially, but will have their membership withdrawn should there be any further incidences.                                               Parents may be liable to pay for any damages.

2.2          Swimmers are the responsibilty of parents/guardians when not in the water or on the poolside at training sessions and competitions             Unless a responsible adult is present the swimmer will be refused access to the training session.

2.3          During water sessions swimmers are expected to behave in a manner that will not endanger themselves or other swimmers           Swimmers who the group coach feels are a danger to themselves or others will:

a) Be verbally warned and the parent notified

b) Be officially warned (by club secretary)          following discussion at the next committee meeting.

c) Excluded for one week

d) Excluded pemanently

for instances where the group coach feels there is an immediate danger the swimmer may be excluded for the remainder of the current session.

2.4          Food must not be consumed on or in the water during training sessions. Only fluids in suitable containers will be allowed on the poolside during sessions.              Swimmers found eating or chewing during training sessions will be asked to remove the food from the poolside. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the remainder of the session.

3              Equipment / Dress 

3.1          No watches or jewellery will be allowed during water or land training sessions.  Swimmers will be asked to remove items of jewellery. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the session.

Note: in the case of newly pierced ears the swimmer must wear a swim cap pulled over their ears. If the swimmer is unable to do this then they will not be allowed into the session

3.2          Swimmers must wear suitable swimwear i.e. trunks / jammers for males, single piece or two piece training costumes (not bikinis) for females. Shorts are not acceptable.    Swimmers without suitable swimwear will not be allowed into the session.

3.3          All swimmers are responsible for ensuring they have their own equipment at sessions (excluding LTS and E group) i.e. caps, goggles, kickboards etc.             Equipment can be purchased at a reasonable price from our club equipment officer.

3.4          Swimming caps must be worn by all swimmers if their hair is long enough to interfere with their swimming i.e. covers eyes or mouth.   Club hatt can be purchased at a reasonable price from our club equipment officer.

3.5          Swimmers in A group and B group are expected to have at each session:a pull buoy and a float. Fins are also required at sessions determined by the group coach

3.6          For Land Training shorts/T-shirt/tracksuit and trainers are required.         Swimmers without suitable clothing and footwear will not be allowed to take part in the session.

3.7          Only buoyancy aids provided by the club will be allowed for Learn-To-Swim

4              Team Competitions   

4.1          All swimming members of the club are expected to make themselves available to compete for the club when requested, in accordance with the club code of conduct signed on acceptance to the club.           Swimmers failing to confirm their attendance may not be selected for subsequent competitions

Swimmers must inform the Team Manager of their ability to attend or not.

Swimmers unable to attend should let theTeam Manager know their reason at the earliest possible moment                Note: contact is made to all team members by the Team Manager re:Team selections

4.2          Swimmers who cannot attend a team competition after having said they will, must let the team manager know at the earliest possible moment     Swimmers who fail to turn up for competition without informing the team manager may be excluded from future competitions.

4.3          All swimmers attending a team competition must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or nominated responsible adult.    Swimmers whose parents are unable to comply with this will not be selected for competitions.

4.4          Where transport to a competition is provided by the club, swimmers must notify the team manager if they intend to make their own way to the competition.    NB. If space is limited on the coach, then families may be asked to use their own transport.  Swimmers who do not may be liable to exclusions from future teams

4.5          Club caps must be worn at all galas if a swim cap is normally worn.            Swimmers not complying with this may not be selected for future teams.

Individual Competitions

4.6          Any swimmer entering an open competition and then not taking part must notify the coach coordinator before the competition, of their intention not to take part.                There are occasions when coaches will travel to open competitions to support swimmers, if the swimmers do not then attend without good reason this is a blatant waste of the coaches unpaid time!

5              Club Championships   

5.1          The annual club championship is open to all members that are not in arrears with subscriptions.                Swimmers in arrears are not covered by club insurance and will not be allowed to swim.

5.2          The ‘over’ all age group trophies are held by the swimmer with the most points awarded however in order to be eligible to hold the trophy the swimmer must have competed in all the available events within their age group, and have held unbroken membership for a minimum of 6 months prior to the commencement of the Championships.      Any swimmer resigning from the club whilst holding the overall trophy will be requested to return the trophy with immediate effect.