Progression within each group and into the next group is on ability and in the case of A group, age (children must be in or about to start Yr 7). When deciding whether or not to move swimmers into the next higher lane or group, Four factors are taken into consideration:

  1. Space availability in the next group
  2. The child’s stroke technique
  3. Their level of fitness
  4. Their ability to cope mentally

A child may have the right level of stroke ability to merit a move into the next group, but the teacher / coach may feel that they are not physically fit enough for the next level, for example because their attendance is erratic. Generally we move swimmers following time-trials, which are held four times a year but if the coaches felt a move at any other time was warranted then the swimmer would be offered that opportunity

Movement between groups is at the discretion of the swimming teachers and chief coach. Swimmers should also be aware that movement can be both ways up and down.

Associated Squads

St Helens and Wigan both have excellent training schemes. They provide more pool time for those swimmers whose intentions are to enter open competition or have the ability to develop to National Competition level. If you are interested and require more information ask your swimming teacher or chief coach.