The club is administered by a committee which is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is held in December. The committee consists of a President (non-voting), a Chairman, a Treasurer, and a Secretary and up to ten members, including parent representatives.

The purpose of the committee is to ensure that the club is run legally and is financially sound. Each position has a job description which details the roles and responsibilities of the post holder.


recruitment and selection policy July 2019

Committee Members 2020

President Mrs Elaine Whitehead

Chairman                             Trish Little
Secretary                              Rachel Dursley
Treasurer                             Wendy Orr
Chief Coach                          Lisa Woods
Membership Secretary      Keeley Coleman
Child Protection Officer    Julia Allen    
Fundraising Officer           Annette Hughes
Team Manager                   Neil Chisnall/Robin Grimes 
Swim 21 Co-Ordinator      Trish Little             
Equipment Officer            Marc Westhead          
A group Representative   Carol Harrison    
B group Representative   Donna Pennington    
C group Representative   Nicola Cunliffe    
D group Representative   Andrew Parker
E & LTS Representative    Neil Chisnall
Website Officer                  Emily Thomas